homework! Due 6/25

ok guys...I haven't given homework in a while so here's your newest assignment. I want each of you to write an essay ( and when I say essay, I mean an essay!) on what you feel you add to this community as a member. And FYI, I will be deleting inactive members on Saturday, June 25th.

assignment 2


 I know you may not have a lot of time to do these assignments and such and I know they may be boring when compared with the other classes, but I'm afraid I may have to make this second assignment mandatory because of the lack of participation in this class. Whoever fails to complete this assignment, as it is a homework assignment, I will have to take 5 points from their house. Honestly I did not want to do this, but feel it is necessary to achieve some cooperation from everyone. This assignment is due Saturday, June 11th. All essays must be handed in on that date by 11 am. **The assignment, in anticipation of the release of the new book, is to write an essay on who you think the Half-Blood Prince will be**   Please everyone I ask that you do this so you do not lose any points from your house!!

                                                                                  ~~~Good Luck!

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assignment 1

Hello class, I am your new teacher. For your first assignment, please write me a story about Harry, Ron and Hermione getting revenge on Malfoy. Be as creative as you like, this is the creative writing class! The winner will win his or her house 15 points! This assignment is due on *Saturday*, Good Luck!

Assignment #3

Okay so there has been a serious lack of participation in my class... Hopefully this assignment will spark the interest of more people, so I'll get more stories :-P

There are two assignments this week (mainly because I couldn't decide between one or the other) you can do ONE or BOTH , each assignment is worth 10 pts.

Assignment One: Is there a character you really hate in the Harry Potter series who you would really like to just kill off? Well nows your chance, for this assignment, I'd like you to write a drabble killing off one or more characters who just really irk you. Have fun make it as bloody and gory as you want :-P 500 word minimum, no maximum

Assignment Two: Are you a shipper for any two characters? (for example, I'm a huge Snape and Hermione shipper myself) well nows your chance to bring those two characters together in any way you'd like. Cross-generational relationships are allowed as well as same sex relationships. So I'd like you to make a drabble documenting anytime your favorite HP couple has shared a romantic moment, it could be their first time realizing their love for one another, or anything you want. Have fun. 500 word minimum, no maximum.

Please put your house in your subject title so I can give pts out to the appropriate house. All assignments due on May 9th (only because I'm going to be in California on family business and won't have internet access 100% till then) so that gives you plenty of time to come up with at least something. Remember it's ten pts per submission.
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Hello! My name is Becky and I'm a Gryffindor here at DA. ^_^

I'm the first person in my immediate family to be a witch. Somewhere, way way way back, there was a witch or wizard...there had to be, right? According to my grandmother I am such a "gifted, lucky child." Yeah, right! But I was more than a little excited when I was accepted here. My poor parents, this is so hard for them to understand! My father's a microbiologist, so his world is surrounded by facts and he has little time for "hocus pocus" like me and my schooling. My mother (thank god for her) is an artist and can understand me much more. She's the one who argued with my father on my behalf, insisting that I deserved to embrace my gift and fine-tune my skills. Why is it that grown men have more trouble believing the impossible? I just don't get it. Ah well, I'm here and that's all that matters. I happen to have three sisters and a brother....they really don't know what to make of me, I think. And I like it that way!

I first started to show signs of magic when I was 7. We had been visiting my grandparents' upstate for the twins' 13th birthday, and I wasn't happy with the outfit I was wearing. My mother had insisted on putting us girls into matching pink dresses. Mind you, I hate the color with a passion; I threw the biggest fit when I found out what I was to wear! I sulked through the four-hour car ride and had a private pity party all by myself. I refused to get out of the car once we arrived at our destination, demanding that my mother give me something else to wear. When it became clear that I was getting nowhere, I finally exploded. "I WANTED TO WEAR A BLUE DRESS!" Imagine my (and my mother's) surprise upon my dress inspection when I finally removed myself from the backseat: my dress was now, in fact, blue.

A little more about myself: I have red hair that is more than obnoxious. It curls in the front, waves in the back and is stick-straight underneath it all. WHY WHY WHY? I hate uphill battles! Maybe while I'm here I'll learn a simple spell to tame it. Yes, I'm more than aware of all the muggle products out there; I want a permanent solution. It's kind of ironic when you look back on your life before magic to see just how well people adapt to life using what they have. My mother's motto: "what cannot be cured must be endured." This works out nicely with so many people in the house. Sure, my siblings and I get along, but all the time? Not a chance. My eldest sister and only brother are twins and live away from home, but I have two younger sisters behind me so they get to watch all the drama that surrounds me.

I stand about 5'5", average height in my family, but sometimes I do wish I was a little taller. My best friend's 5'11"! Do you honestly think it's easy to hang out with her without getting a stiff neck? Didn't think so. She and I share the same dream: becoming an editor. We both love language, both reading it and writing it. Complex plots, twisted characters, exotic settings...all in a day's work. That's the main reason I decided to take this class, to see if I can't improve my writing skills and maybe get some editing experience as well.
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Ravenclaw and you don't know how much fun I had writing this.

I’m a half-blood, much to my dismay. I’m not an ordinary half-blood, though. I wish I was half muggle; that’d be tremendous compared to being half dragon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of what I am, but all the gawking and staring can make one wish they were something else. When I lived with the dragons I often wished I was whole due to their ridiculing and tormenting. After a couple of years, I learned to tune out their constant mockery and I started to think them pathetic and far too large. When my ego had been successfully inflated I thought the dragons petty and childish. They were, of course, but I never imagined that wizards could be worse. When I had to leave the dragons and stumbled upon the wizard world, I was quite shocked to find that they often stared, too. Instead of have confidence enough to mock me to my face, though, they would often whisper and point and my dragon features. Many a times, I caught people staring at my tail, my wings, and my dragon ears that I had inherited from father. It did get rather annoying after a couple of years. No one would ever approach me. Most of them feared me, and a lot of them thought I was some abomination of nature. I do remember one young boy that had courage enough to approach me. I remember our conversation quite well. He ran up to me and grabbed onto the sleeve of the robe I’d purchased long ago. “Miss, why do you have a tail and wings, and what‘s wrong with your ears?” he asked me with wide eyes. His eyes were what made me answer him, they were a very strange silver color. They screamed innocence and I felt like I could trust the young boy. “Well, that’s a dragon’s tail and these wings are dragon wings. I don’t see anything wrong with my ears, they heard you quite well, enough. I’m part dragon, that‘s why they make look funny to you.” His silver orbs got rather large at that point and he gasped loudly. “Really?” he said, clearly enthralled. I nodded and smiled at him. I’m sure we would have talked longer, but at this time his mother came by and demanded I let go of her son. I wasn’t touching him, so I let her yell and take her son away. I was disappointed, though, that was the first person to talk to me since my mother died.
I’m sure by now you’re wondering about my mother and father, and how I came to be. A half dragon does sound pretty impossible, doesn’t it? I can assure you that I was not conceived the normal way. I can’t even imagine how my parents would have managed to make love. The truth is that my mother was terribly fond of dragons; it was a very unhealthy obsession, really. She spent most of her life finding a way to make me, actually. She traveled every where to find the perfect father, the perfect dragon, for me. After she found father, well, I’m not quite sure how she did it. I know a lot of muggle science was involved and then nine months later I popped out. She nearly died giving birth due to my larger dragon parts. Humans weren’t meant to give birth to dragons, but she managed somehow. She couldn’t have been more pleased and she often told me so.
Anyway, my mother raised me with the dragons for five years. Unfortunately, the dragons were miffed with my mom for creating me. My father refused to acknowledge me and one day they all snapped and killed my mother. That was the day that I left the dragons. I was five, but I was half dragon, and quite smart by then. My mother never really cared for me, she was too busy commending me on being half dragon, as if I had any part in my creation, so I knew how to handle myself well enough on my own.
I’ve been living amongst wizards for ten years and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I stumbled upon this school. I figured I’d give it a try, since, by wizard standards, I should have been in school four years ago. I’m hoping that I’ll meet some decent wizards that will be able to pry their eyes away from my features enough to have a decent conversation. If not, then I’ll be content with doing work, at least this will give me something to do with my time.

Assignment #1

Hello everyone, welcome to Dumbledore's Army's Creative Writing Class :-) I am your professor, Jamie, and I hope everyone has fun in this community :-) Today I'm going to give out the first assignment, since people are still joining this group, it won't be due until next Friday, so you all have a week to complete it which hopefully will be enough time :-)

For the first assignment, I want everyone to write an introductory narriative about themselves so everyone in the class can get to know each other a little better. You can write it however you want; you can write it about real life (ie: My name is Jamie, I'm 22 years old, and a Jersey girl) or you can write a fictional narrative based on what your life would be like if you lived or grew up in the Magical World. It's totally up to you. There's no maximum length, but please give me a minimum length of 500 words.

Each narrative will give you 10 pts for your house. You're welcome to either submit it as a comment to this entry, or post is as a seperate entry. Make sure you put your house in either the comment or subject title so I can give pts to the correct house. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, or if it's something you'd rather not post here feel free to leave it at my personal journal deadstar666 or you can email me a question at, if you would prefer your response to be given to you in an IM, please email your AIM name or leave it in a comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Once again, Welcome to Creative Writing, and have fun ;-)
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