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assignment 2


 I know you may not have a lot of time to do these assignments and such and I know they may be boring when compared with the other classes, but I'm afraid I may have to make this second assignment mandatory because of the lack of participation in this class. Whoever fails to complete this assignment, as it is a homework assignment, I will have to take 5 points from their house. Honestly I did not want to do this, but feel it is necessary to achieve some cooperation from everyone. This assignment is due Saturday, June 11th. All essays must be handed in on that date by 11 am. **The assignment, in anticipation of the release of the new book, is to write an essay on who you think the Half-Blood Prince will be**   Please everyone I ask that you do this so you do not lose any points from your house!!

                                                                                  ~~~Good Luck!

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