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da_creatwrit's Journal

Dumbledore's Army Creative Writing Class
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This is a sub-community of _hogwarts_da, at this community the students will be given creative writing assignments as well as be offered writing contests to help them earn points for their houses. Before joining this community you must be stamped by one of the moderators of _hogwarts_da Participation is optional, you only have to do the assignments that appeal to you, I won't penalize anyone for not doing an assignment if they don't feel like doing it, but every assignment will be worth x amount of points for their house, but NO ONE WILL LOSE POINTS for not doing one. The only way you can lose pts in this community is if you are rude to another person, we are all here to help each other with writing and give constuctive criticism or suggestions, if anyone is blantantly rude to another member or says something negative about another students writing, points will be taken away. I will not tolerate rudeness to another student.

But hopefully this community will be fun and everyone will have a lot of fun being a part of it :-) If anyone has any questions or problems, they can always contact me only_in_love by leaving me a message on my journal, or emailing me at xxfightingirishx@aol.com where I will do my best to help you out. So anyhow, welcome aboard, enjoy your stay, and be creative and have fun :-)